Presenting Pedál, the simplest way to make music together online.

Pedál is a cross plattform service to stream audio, speak, share screen, and record high quality audio together.

Do a session! Talk and have fun. Sample or send WAV directly between each DAW, or record MIDI sequences through Pedál's built in default synth.



Any DAW will do. It’s cross platform for MAC and Window users who wants to work together!

Supported by
Kiefer, Stlndrms, Rob Araujo, Anomalie, DJ Dahi, S1, MXXWLL, Ski Beatz, Dibiase, Iman Omari, Chromeo

Download for Mac
0.9.11 / 2021-02-06
Download for Windows
0.9.11 / 2021-02-06
The windows version is fresh!
(Please report bugs)

Follow us on instagram @miidbaby for further updates and patch notes.


An ok internet connection.
If your Mac or PC can run a DAW,
you are most likely good.
OS X 10.10: Yosemite-2014, Windows 10 or later.
For more info check the knowledge base.


Knowledge base

For support or press

Pedál is made in Norway.